Chronic Kidney Disease Doesn’t Mean You Need to Leave Home

For older adults who prefer to remain in the comfort of home as they grow older – and, who doesn’t? – in-home care, like that offered by the Orland Park IL in home care providers at Home & Hearth Caregivers, offers a lifeline, providing help with activities that become challenging with aging and allowing for safety, security and independence. But what happens when a senior is battling chronic kidney disease?

Home care is not only possible for seniors with kidney disease; it’s preferred. Take into consideration some of the many ways that a professional in-home caregiving team can assist those who are at risk for or diagnosed with kidney disease:

  • Supplying education on kidney disease management. Caregivers work closely with the senior’s doctor to make sure he or she is well-versed on the disease and how to best manage it.
  • Providing medication reminders. Adhering to a medication plan is crucial for optimal health. In-home caregivers can supply reminders so that each medicine is always taken in the right amount at the right time.
  • Providing transportation and accompaniment to doctors’ appointments.
  • Helping older adults avoid hospital readmissions by recognizing and reporting the initial signs of complications, and helping obtain immediate treatment.
  • Preparing healthy, balanced and diet-specific meals. Caregivers work with doctors and dietitians to ensure meals meet the particular requirements for each senior’s condition.

To discover more about how our trusted Orland Park, IL home care services can help your senior loved one not only survive but thrive through in-home care, call us at 708-352-4663.

We can surround your loved one with the encouragement and support needed to stay motivated to eat healthy, maintain an exercise plan, and comply with doctors’ orders for medications, appointments, treatments, surgical procedures, etc. as needed.

Contact us with any questions and to let us know how we can be of service to you for your Orland Park IL in home care provider needs!

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