For many, the thought of their parents one day going into a nursing home or needing the additional help of some sort is scary or overwhelming. This is a reality that many people begrudgingly face, often times when they least expect it. Fortunately, there are tools and establishments that exist to help ease the transition for both you and your loved one in Naperville and surrounding areas. Our team at Home and Hearth Caregivers wants to provide you with the confidence that there is nothing wrong with getting help from a qualified team as you age.

Here are some of the services that we provide to help improve the quality of life of seniors in Naperville and beyond. 

Alzheimer and Dementia Care

Both Alzheimer’s and dementia are extremely tough diseases to endure for both the individual who is suffering as well as surrounding family members. Everyday tasks that were once a breeze can become much more complicated and even impossible depending on the progression of the disease. Our team at Home and Hearth Caregivers understands that asking for help may be met with resistance, but we will show you that it is possible to achieve a new normal. We can help with transportation services, memory care exercises, home safety modifications, personal care and hygiene services, medication reminders and so much more! 

In-Home Care

Not all seniors are in need of a complete life change, which is why we provide customized in-home care to help your loved one maintain their current lifestyle. Rely on our team to help with cognitive stimulation and memory care, transportation to appointments, meal planning and preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, pet and plant care, and so much more! Whatever challenges your loved one is currently facing, we have the services and skillset to help. 

Respite Care

Family members of aging loved ones often put it on themselves to take care of their families. This may be sustainable if their needs are minimal, but as their needs become more complicated, it can be difficult to maintain this level of care. Instead, rely on a seasoned team to take on the tasks that you no longer have time to complete for them on a daily or weekly basis. 

It can be difficult to realize that sometimes the best thing you can do for your loved one is to let go so they can get the best care possible. If you’re in need of our elderly care services in Naperville or surrounding areas, contact Home and Hearth Caregivers today.

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