Seniors & Sex: What You Need to Know

Sex has often been a taboo subject that our parents likely told us not to talk about. What happens in the bedroom is strictly the business of the two people involved, however, there’s no denying that sex is an important part of any relationship, regardless of age. If you feel uncomfortable talking about your senior loved one’s sexual activity, know that the benefits of sex last beyond the bedroom. The New England Journal of Medicine notes that over 25 percent of seniors ages 75-85 are sexually active and this statistic rises to over 50 percent for seniors ages 65-74. No matter which way you want to look at it, the bottom line is that seniors are having sex.

Break Down the Communication Barrier

Because sex is such an avoided subject of conversation, adults aren’t seeking more details about the sex lives of their aging parents. A study found that 56 percent of senior parents noted that sex was the most difficult topic to discuss and only one-third of adult children reported feeling the slightest bit comfortable about the topic. This is another challenge added to our task of providing senior home care in Elmhurst and surrounding areas, but our team at Home & Hearth Caregivers is up to the challenge.

There are Risks

Did you know that sexually transmitted diseases have doubled in the past decade in the 50-90-year-old demographic? STDs are commonly associated with young people, but they do not discriminate with age. In fact, many seniors are not fully aware of the risks of the development of STDs and the side effects that are part of their development. It’s important that you sit down with your loved one and ensure that they fully understand sexually transmitted diseases, red flags, and what to do if one develops. Educating them will help them implement safe sex practices in the future. Knowledge is power and it will give you and your family peace of mind that everything is being done in a safe manner.

What a Good Sex Life Helps Improve

If your aging loved one is still taking advantage of all that life has to offer, this is a positive thing! There are many positives of sex including a decreased feeling of loneliness, improved well-being amongst older adults, and overall higher enjoyment of life. Loneliness and depression and extremely easy to develop as you get older, so if your loved one is benefitting from a release in sexual tension, this is a positive!

Other benefits of sex with age include:

  • Improve mental and physical health by burning fat, releasing endorphins and reducing anxiety.
  • Increase your lifespan through sex’s health-improving benefits.
  • Provide refuge from other challenges in life.

Love and appreciate yourself at every age through sex! Our providers of senior home care in Elmhurst will be there for you and your loved one every step of the way.

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