The Importance of Nutrition and Aging Seniors

Nutrition is important at any age, but especially for aging seniors who are trying to take care of themselves. One facet of our elderly home assistance in Orland Park is helping seniors get the nutrition that they need. Doing so can help keep conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or dementia at bay. 


The Alzheimer’s Association notes that a diet low in saturated fat is ideal in managing issues related to memory. Those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may also experience difficulty swallowing, something with which a special diet can help.


Older adults who suffer from diabetes or prediabetes can benefit from a special diet that is low in carbs in order to help better control blood sugar levels. Diet can play a large role in whether or not your loved one is at risk of developing diabetes. 

Heart Disease

Congestive heart failure and heart disease are potential side effects of heart disease. One key to managing heart disease risks include a diet that is low in sodium. Too much salt can cause the ankles and legs to swell, so it is best to keep sodium to a minimum. 

Six Key Nutrients

There are six key nutrients that are beneficial to everyone, but especially seniors. Make sure to include calcium, vitamins D and B12, fiber, water and sodium into your daily routine. 

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