Three Reasons Elders Resist Senior Assisted Living in Chicago

Many elders have developed a certain way of living that they’re used to, and they often do not realize that they need extra help until someone else brings it to their attention. However, keep in mind that there is a chance that your loved one may resist assisted living. Here are three common reasons that elders resist assisted living.


Seniors oftentimes don’t realize that they need help, and if the idea is brought up, they deny that they need it. They are content living with the way that they have been, no extra help necessary.

The Thought of Losing Independence

Senior assisted living in Chicago is often associated with the loss of independence. Many seniors do not want to rely on someone else to complete daily tasks such as bathing, grocery shopping or preparing meals. Accepting help is a difficult step but make the transition easier by emphasizing that this will be better for their health and wellbeing in the long run.

A Loss of Privacy

If your loved one is used to living alone, transitioning into a more communal way of living may be difficult for them. This is especially worrisome for those who now need help with showering, bathing and other more vulnerable activities. Rest assured that our professionals will be there for you every step of the way, making you feel comfortable and building a trustworthy, loving relationship.

When your loved one experiences the care that Home and Hearth Caregivers has to offer, they will instantly be at ease!

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