Unfortunately, as a provider of home care assistance in Chicago, we see the harm that flu season can cause to our elders. In 2018, flu season was particularly hard to navigate because it lasted all of 21 weeks. According to the Associated Press, that’s the longest flu season in the last decade. 

Even worse, just a couple of years ago, “Americans came down with one of the nastiest and most unpredictable flu viruses in recent history.”

All this is not meant to frighten you but to underscore the seriousness of following these tips for helping your loved one navigate through the flu season.


  • Know When to Get Vaccinated


For the flu vaccine to work, it generally requires at least two weeks for the antibodies that protect you from the flu to develop. As such, it’s important to get vaccinated well in advance of flu season. Early fall is the best time to get vaccinated.


  • Keep Air Circulating


Flu viruses are good at surviving and droplets of the flu can hang in the air in your house or place of business for as long as an hour. To reduce your chances of getting sick from these tiny molecules, it’s important to keep the air circulating in all the indoor places you spend time in. That means making sure old HVAC units are up to date, using fans, opening a window, or installing an air-purifying system. Also, don’t be afraid to use anti-bacterial wipes and lots of hand sanitizer!


  • Be Ready to Talk to Your Doctor


If you think you or your loved one is showing signs of the flu, there’s no sense in not going to the doctor. It’s a quick visit, and by going you can be sure that the issue—if it is an issue—is taken care of as quickly as possible. As a provider of home care assistance in Chicago, we can tell you that a wasted trip to the doctor is well worth the peace of mind if you suspect something is amiss during flu season.  

Here at Home & Hearth Caregivers, we understand the seriousness of flu season, particularly around those with compromised immune systems. Keep safe this flu season!

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