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How do you ensure your home care worker is reliable and honest? Hiring someone to work in your home and assist you or your loved one can be a stressful decision.  Home and Hearth Caregivers makes your decision easy.  We utilize a seven step process to ensure you have a trustworthy, effective caregiver.

Effective Hiring Practices Start With Recruiting

We look for caregivers with a history of senior care service. This background allows us to identify a pool of candidates that have the skills you need including patience, dependability and empathy.


Application Review

Each candidate completes a detailed application providing information about past work history, certifications and credentials, education and their skill set.


Once potential candidates are identified we conduct an in-person interview. This step allows us to better understand their experience, range of skills and how effectively they communicate. It also helps us assess their empathy, ability to provide effective care and match their skill set to our clients needs.

Background Check

Before making an offer, Home and Hearth Caregivers conducts drug screening, finger-printing*, criminal checks, DMV checks and social security validation. We check past job history and contact references. We require positive responses from references or the candidate isn’t hired.

*Home and Hearth Caregivers is registered with the Illinois State Police Fingerprint Repository for immediate notification of any new criminal activity, change in waiver status or an Illinois Department of Public Health correction of a record. We are also registered with E-Verify Case Alerts, which establishes that the employee is legal to work in the U.S. and provides work authorization case updates and expirations.


Orientation, Training and Continuing Education

Before our home workers take an assignment, we conduct a training and orientation program. This ensures they are knowledgeable about specific policies, procedures and requirements. This allows them to start operating effectively the first day they are assigned to a client.

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