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Living with any type of physical disability or special needs can leave one needing unique assistance or care. Oftentimes mobility is so limited, a person may completely rely on another for help accomplishing the most basic tasks. As disabled individuals age, it is common for them to become even more dependent on others, and this can be difficult for their family members who are also aging, with increasing needs of their own.

This is why Home & Hearth provides customized care based on each individual and their needs. We are able to completely tailor our services, from how we handle case management to the physical assistance and emotional support we provide.

Specialized Disability Care for Seniors in Orland Park

The staff at Home & Hearth is comprised of professionals who are carefully trained to help those with disabilities caused by ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and spinal cord injuries, as well as individuals who suffer from paralysis due to stroke. Our goal is to help each of our valued clients live as independently as possible, and we offer multiple care services to do that while we simultaneously meet their ever-changing needs.

Disability Care For Seniors In Orland Park

Accessibility to Transportation

One of the more difficult aspects of caring for anyone with a disability is ensuring their transportation needs are met. At Home & Hearth, our care professionals will provide transportation for patients to and from scheduled medical appointments, using lifts as necessary. Compassionate care and safety measures are always taken to prevent accidents.

This service includes the following items:

  • At-home pickup and transportation to doctor’s office, hospital, physical therapy center, or rehabilitation center
  • Waiting at appointment and signing patient out when finished
  • Safe transportation home
  • Necessary stops at pharmacy or grocery store for prescriptions or supplies
  • Safely settle patient at home with necessary items nearby.

Specialized Disability Care For Seniors

Limited Mobility and Healthy Movement

Limited mobility can lead to pressure sores as a result of being stationary for long periods of time. These ulcers and lesions can become painful, infected or even cause septicemia, a serious infection in the bloodstream. Pressure sores, once formed, require regular wound care, therefore, it is vital to encourage and facilitate regular movement to avoid them when possible. Our care providers understand this, and will provide movement and pressure relief at regular intervals.

Social Interaction and Companionship

Social interactions can be difficult for those with disabilities, and confusing for patients with special needs. A member of our care staff can provide companionship to help provide reassurance on a regular basis and also ensure the safety of your loved one. It’s important for everyone to have people around them, get out in the world when possible, and continue to experience and savor life. Having a reliable companion to assist their every need can make these things possible for older people, with and without disabilities.

Home & Hearth Caregivers – Assistance for the Caregivers

Lastly, if you are in charge of providing long term, personal care for someone with developmental disabilities or other physical limitations, it can be exhausting. Our team at Home & Hearth is able to provide home care services, including medication reminders, meal preparation, and basic assistance for most needs – allowing you to take a break. After all, even the most compassionate caregivers need some time for themselves.

The Home & Hearth in-home care staff is dedicated to providing the best possible service for maximum results in a familiar, comforting environment. We will be happy to discuss your needs or the needs of your loved one, and begin putting together a customized, home based care plan you are happy with. We invite you to contact one of our friendly service facilitators today by calling us at (800)-349-0663, sending an email to info@homeandhearthcare.com to learn more about our various services.

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