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Social Isolation and Loneliness

While loneliness can affect anyone, the elderly are disproportionately affected. Loneliness impacts both mental and physical health, and can be a critical factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease.

As our society has become increasingly mobile over the past few decades, older people are more likely to live alone – with their adult children often living many miles away from them. Our digital lifestyle enables cross-country communication, but most seniors are uncomfortable with the newest technology and will stick with phone calls in lieu of Zoom calls.

Slightly more than 65% of older Americans who live alone report feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Nevertheless, 90% of these same people say they value their independence and would not want to leave their home.

Senior Social Isolation & Loneliness

As people age, their social networks tend to dissolve, leaving pets and television as their main sources of companionship. Fear of falling or feelings of insecurity may keep seniors from getting out and socializing – which leads to days, weeks, and even months spent without any social interaction.

In addition to the normal constraints seniors face, the coronavirus pandemic has only worsened mental health concerns for seniors living alone. They worry about their loved ones more than ever, but see them less often than they did prior to the pandemic – meaning they have even less to look forward to.

Companionship Care

Companionship Care

Companionship care is basically the same as other senior home care services in Orland Park. Just as a caregiver will provide meal preparation and diet planning, or medication management, having someone to talk to and interact with on a day-to-day basis is an invaluable service. Knowing someone is coming over to play a game, share a cup of coffee, or just talk, can make an older person’s day. It can also provide the necessary motivation to get dressed, comb their hair, and even bake some cookies.

The old adage, “use it or lose it” applies to mental ability just as much as it applies to physical movement, and simply conversing with another can improve a person’s mood, jog their memory, and dispel the misery of loneliness. It is quite easy to see those who are left alone and don’t spend time with others, often retreat into their own heads and find it very difficult to raise interest in life again.

A compassionate caregiver who provides in-home care in Orland Park, IL is able to offer companionship simply by being around during everyday tasks that we tend to take for granted. For instance, seniors appreciate having someone to sit down with them as they eat lunch or dinner, or to play a board game, or someone to simply watch their favorite television show with.

Elder Care Solutions

While everyone would love to be able to provide for their parent’s needs on their own, the truth is, family caregivers seem to have a million responsibilities these days. Between work, home, and our own families that need attention, it would be difficult if not impossible for many of us to provide quality care to our parents as well. Additionally, many families are separated by distances that would make direct care impossible and are looking for the peace of mind provided by our dedicated staff members.

By reaching out to our dedicated care assistants at Home & Hearth Caregivers, you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the highest quality, non-medical home care available. Our warm, friendly, family-like approach to care enhances independence, improves quality of life, and helps seniors maintain optimum health and happiness – at home, where they most want to be.

Elder Care Solutions

In addition to providing companionship, our caregivers can help seniors conquer technology. Learning to use a smartphone or hooking up Zoom or Skype may seem impossible to do on their own, but can actually be fun when someone is there to help.

Home & Hearth Caregivers

When you are looking for someone to provide your loved one with companionship, or any other type of personal care service, you need look no further than Home & Hearth Caregivers. In addition to companionship, we offer dementia care, respite care, and other in-home care services. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more, or to book your first appointment with one of our exceptional caregivers.

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