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Navigating Objections to In-Home Caregivers

Your loved one is likely used to navigating life on their own without needing assistance from someone else. However, with age, illnesses and other unexpected circumstances, your loved one may eventually require extra assistance. The idea of having at-home elder care in Orland Park and surrounding Chicagoland areas may be enough that your loved one feels vulnerable or upset by the transition. Here are some tips from our team to ease this potentially difficult time.

Helpful Tips

  • Introduce your senior to the caregiver before the process begins. This allows them to get to know each other and can help the caregiver be less of a stranger in their house.
  • If lack of trust with the caregiver is the issue, make sure that someone that your loved one trusts is home while the caregiver comes over the first few times. This will help build trust. You can start to leave for small increments of time and come back to show your loved one that they are okay alone with the caregiver.
  • Choose a caregiver that has a common interest or two with your loved one. This will allow them to easily talk and bond about their common ground.
  • Choose a caregiver that has a personality that works well with your senior. For example, if your loved one is shy, an outgoing caregiver may be able to help them open up.
  • Present the idea of a caregiver as a trial to your senior. This shortened amount of time can help them feel less pressure about the experience and ultimately feel more open to it.
  • Be reassuring when your loved one seems weary of the idea. Consistently urging them that at-home elder care in Orland Park and beyond can help them maintain and even improve their quality of life.

Rest assured that our team at Home and Hearth Caregivers can help you and your family navigate this situation, as we have successfully done so many times with our now-happy clients. We take pride in matching our caregivers with their perfect family so both sides are happy with the pairing. For dedicated, high-quality senior home care and transportation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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