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AI For Seniors: Introducing A New Standard of Care

You may not be able to be physically present 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy 24/7 assurance. We are now combining our high quality in-person care hours with 24/7 virtual care support in the home environment to prolong seniors’ ability to age in the comfort of their own homes.

This enables us to provide you the perfect combination of quality caregiver services on-premise and virtual care support in the home environment 24/7 – ensuring the highest level of care for senior wellbeing, safety and independence as well as prolong their ability to age in the comfort of their own homes. Rest assured that your loved ones are getting just the right amount of professional care, at the highest quality standards, while having the peace of mind of 24/7 support.



Our new 24/7 Virtual Care Agent – Sensi

Sensi is our new virtual care agent technology that provides us with around the clock data-based insights and recommendations. This industry leading technology is based on audio analytics developed specifically for care environments, which can automatically analyze both mental and physical events and trends. This provides Home & Hearth Caregivers with in-depth insights that help to significantly improve the overall wellbeing of our clients, and ensure that families have peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

How Our 24/7 Virtual Care Agent Helps

Sensi’s data-based insights and care recommendations enable us to:

Sensi’s trend analysis helps us obtain a comprehensive understanding of each care environment. By helping to provide a more holistic view, we can proactively facilitate each of our client’s particular needs, and improve their overall wellbeing both mentally and physically.

  • Early detection of cognitive and physical decline
  • Care optimization insights aiding in scheduling and assessing care needs
  • Tailored care planning
  • Risk assessment and prevention

Now Offering 24/7 AI Elderly Care Services

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Sensi – a 24/7 Virtual Care Agent Service. Sensi, combined with our quality in-person care hours, provide you with round-the-clock peace of mind that your loved one is safe, and getting the highest level of care. To find out how to get this hybrid, holistic solution for your loved one, reach out to us at:

5 Ways Virtual Care Benefits Families

Copy Entrusting someone with caring for your loved one can be overwhelming. We believe our care plan, with the addition of our Virtual Care Agent, Sensi, not only empowers your loved one by providing them with a 24/7 safety net, but also has crucial benefits for family members.

Entrusting someone with caring for your loved one can be overwhelming. We believe our care plan, with the addition of our Virtual Care Agent, not only empowers your loved one by providing them with a 24/7 safety net, but also has crucial benefits for family members.

Here are 5 ways incorporating a Virtual Care Agent in your loved one’s care will benefit you:

  1. Navigation of care dilemmas with ease: Sensi’s data gives you insight into what is actually going on with your loved one, even when no one is around. This way you can know if they may be struggling, and provide you with the necessary information to make decisions regarding their care.
  2. Increased trust & transparency: We are dedicated to the highest levels of transparency when it comes to your loved ones’ care. The Virtual Caregiver provides unprecedented transparency to you, and provides you with data-based insights into your loved one’s care and wellbeing.
  3. Open communication loop: Communicating with the families of our clients is key to us. With Sensi’s family report this opens up a great avenue of communication every two weeks!
  4. Overcoming resistance to care: While this is not the experience of every family, there are times when as our loved ones age we begin to see the need for care, which can be met with resistance. The Virtual Care Agent helps overcome this resistance by not only providing irrefutable data that shows what is really going on in the home, but by also allowing your loved one to maintain a higher level of independence by combining virtual and in-person care.
  5. Peace of mind: Peace of mind can seem unattainable when caring for an aging loved one. Sensi will provide you with peace of mind 24/7, knowing that your loved one is safe and sound.

To get started with a holistic care program that combines quality, data-driven in-person care hours, with a 24/7 virtual safety net reach out to us at: (847) 349-0663

3 Reasons Why Caregivers Love Sensi

“You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build your business.” Zig Ziglar

We are committed to ensure a better quality of life, both for our elderly clients and their families. Part of that commitment is investing in our caregivers. We take a responsible role in supporting our clients and their families, our employees and our community. That is one of the reasons we have recently onboarded Sensi, our Virtual Care Agent.

Here are three reasons why our caregivers love working with Sensi:

  1. Client/Caregiver Match. We do our utmost best to provide a great client/caregiver match. Perhaps one of our clients loves arts and crafts, we can match them with a caregiver that is an art aficionado. Sensi uses sophisticated data analysis to optimize client caregiver matching, increasing satisfaction for both.
  2. Identifying Training Needs. The Virtual Care Agent is able to pick up on areas a caregiver may be struggling with, and provide helpful tips to improve outcomes. In addition it can suggest extended training which helps our caregivers grow professionally and learn new skills.
  3. Recognition We love receiving positive feedback from our clients about our caregivers. However, as caregivers are a remote workforce, it can be hard to know when a caregiver is going above and beyond and doing a truly excellent job. Through Sensi, we are able to recognize our hardworking and passionate caregivers more than ever before.
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