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Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Those who provide care for a senior loved one know when something seems a bit “off”. You become so familiar with the person’s mannerisms, routines, and daily life that even the slightest change can be glaringly obvious. And when something out of the ordinary becomes apparent to you – even if not yet noticeable to others – it’s important to…

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Top Ways to Help Older Adults Stay Active and Engaged from Home & Hearth Caregivers

Contrary to popular belief, aging and slowing down do not necessarily go hand in hand! Today’s generation of seniors in particular is breaking the mold. Case in point: the Brooklyn Senior Games, a highly competitive, Olympic-style athletic event for seniors ranging in age from mid-60s into the 90s. Or Olga Kotelko, the amazing 93-year-old record-breaking track and field athlete. While…

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Hiring Caregivers: Home Care Agency vs. Contractor

After months of back-and-forth discussion, you’ve finally reached an agreement: Mom’s ready for some in-home care assistance, just for a few hours a week for now, to help with tasks around the house and with transportation to the grocery store and doctors’ appointments. One of Mom’s neighbors found a caregiver through the “help wanted” section of the paper, and raves…

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