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Grateful Recognition For Our Exemplary Caregivers

Home & Hearth Caregivers has received positive feedback from our clients about the way we treat and interact with our employees—the actual caregivers—and how our interaction with them positively affects the wellbeing of all involved.  Our philosophy is that when an employee feels valued, respected, and genuinely appreciated, they are in turn motivated to continue to bring a high level of energy, love, and thoughtfulness…

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9 Elderly Care Tips To Make the Adjustment To Cold Weather Easier

For those who can get out and about, autumn is a beautiful time. Plus, the mild temperatures can make activities even more enjoyable. But for those who require walkers, wheelchairs, caregivers or other elderly care to go places, autumn can also lower ones spirits. It may also result in an unhealthy amount of inactivity. Regardless of your age, “autumn blues”…

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Senior Caregiver Tips – From a Seniors Perspective

It’s all too easy to look at your senior loved one through your own eyes and have things colored by your own experiences and preferences. It’s natural to think of their problems, as well as the possible solutions, from the standpoint of what would work for you, or what you think they would want. You may even prioritize a doctors’…

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What Happens If Home Care Goes Wrong?

The idea of hiring a stranger to care for a family member can be unsettling. But no matter if it’s you or an outside agency that provides care for your senior loved one, problems can arise. If you are trying to provide the caregiving all by yourself, you may not be home at a crucial time. Or if you opt…

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A Real Life Example of Senior Home Care

Different people can respond differently to the benefits of senior home care. Most seniors who receive in-home care enjoy the personalized service, the one-on-one attention from the caregiver, and the ability to stay in their own familiar home with all of the personal items and memories they treasure. With the very best of care providers, seniors also like seeing the…

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Fall Activities For Seniors Around Chicago

It’s important for everyone to get out of the home occasionally to see something different and to have some fun. It’s especially good to help seniors enjoy one or more outings in the autumn before winter weather conditions make outings unpleasant, extra difficult, or even dangerous. Fortunately there are many fall activities for seniors to enjoy around Chicago! An enjoyable…

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In Home Care Costs – Affordable Options

Do the prospects of excessive in home care costs concern you? Seniors and their families often fear not having enough money, or enough of the appropriate insurance coverage, to cover all of the care they may need in their final years. And along with that, a secondary looming fear can be that all of their savings–  even their home– may have to be relinquished in order to pay for hospitalization nursing home or in home…

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Avoid These 3 Elderly Care Mistakes

Everyone wants to do their very best when providing or choosing elderly care their senior loved one. There can be so many pressures from all sides (family, friends, employers, personal finances, etc.), and your time is both limited and usually filled with raw emotions. It’s easy to make choices which may seem good at first, but are later regretted. There are many factors to consider. Here are some important points to…

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Hospice Care for the Final Days—Or Months

Home is the preferred place for most seniors to age. For a number of years, that may be a relatively easy option. But the final months or weeks may become especially scary, painful, or difficult to manage at home. That’s when hospice care is there to help. Hospice care is a wonderful service that’s generally staffed by caring individuals committed to helping your loved one experience…

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