Grateful Recognition For Our Exemplary Caregivers

Home & Hearth Caregivers has received positive feedback from our clients about the way we treat and interact with our employees—the actual caregivers—and how our interaction with them positively affects the wellbeing of all involved.  Our philosophy is that when an employee feels valued, respected, and genuinely appreciated, they are in turn motivated to continue to bring a high level of energy, love, and thoughtfulness to their profession.

Caregivers Utilize Many Skills

Being a good caregiver requires many general skills (physical, mental, interpersonal, emotional), as well as specific skills such as a second language, specialty cooking, or nursing procedures. In-home caregiving is a job that is often exhausting, but is always rewarding.

Recognition Promotes Good Work

One of the ways we encourage our caregivers in maintaining a positive and energized attitude, as well as show them how very much we appreciate their hard work and the care they give our clients is by recognizing them with our “Employee of the Month program.”

Three of the employees selected for this recognition earlier this year were Janet, Shirley and Sandy.

Janet’s client was suffering from a brain tumor and required assistance with daily exercise as well as dressing and feeding. The family was very positive about Janet’s work, and reported that their loved one’s motor skills improved as a result of Janet’s continuous care and concern. Janet is so dedicated to her job that she cried tears of joy at being honored as employee of the month.

Shirley has worked a live-in shift with the same client for 2 years, sometimes rescheduling her own personal life to meet the client’s needs. She has come to be considered “family” by the client and his family. We’ve seen how her work and dedication goes far beyond the mere written job requirements. Shirley was overjoyed when she was being honored as employee of the month.

Sandy came to us with extensive experience and a background in home care, but she continues to demonstrate “a no job too small” attitude.  She’s always willing to fill in, or squeeze one more client into her busy work schedule and she consistently keeps our office updated on her clients. Her deep passion and concern for each person under her care is obvious and shines through. We are most fortunate to have her on our staff.

It’s all about you, the client

A positive feedback loop fuels the best care. We stay in touch with our employees and our clients, treat our employees well, and we truly respect their efforts. The positive attention we give our employees and the gratitude they receive from their clients all work together to make our caregivers feel valued and appreciated. It energizes and encourages them to give you the best care they can possibly give every single day they walk through your door.

We will be extending special recognition to some of our other employees in the months to come. We look forward to introducing you to some of our very most dedicated caregiving personnel. In the meantime, if you have or know of a caregiver you would like to receive recognition, please contact us!
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