Health Concerns for Seniors

As your loved one ages, their health can sometimes begin to deteriorate. There are many common health concerns that you should be aware of if you are taking care of an elderly individual. At Home and Hearth Caregivers, our caregivers are trained in senior home assistance in Orland Park and we can provide assistance when you need it most.


Dementia is a disorder of the brain and affects a person’s ability to think, process and remember information. If you notice that a loved one is having trouble remembering things or is having a hard time performing daily tasks, it could be a sign of dementia. When someone is suffering from signs of dementia, it doesn’t just affect them, it has an impact on their family, friends and their community.

Respiratory Diseases

Many elderly individuals suffer from respiratory issues, which impact a person’s ability to breath and function normally. Lung function tests and the correct medication can dramatically improve the life of someone with a breathing issue.


Individuals who are 65 and older are at higher risk for developing diabetes.  In its early stages, diabetes can have minimal symptoms, which makes it hard to diagnose. Diabetes can cause loss of hearing and vision, higher risk of infection and a higher risk for heart disease.


The greatest risk factor for cancer is age, the older the individual, the higher the risk is for developing cancer. Some types of cancer grow slowly over time and are often diagnosed in the later stages. To avoid this, discuss screening and testing for various types of cancer with your loved one’s doctor.

Heart Disease

As you know, the heart is one of our most important organs and just like other parts of our bodies, it deteriorates as we age. Heart disease covers a variety of conditions that affect the heart and its ability to perform properly. Diet, exercise and whether you smoke can contribute to heart disease.

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