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Personal care, temporary care, long term care, does it matter what kind of care you provide unless it is safe care?Home & Health Caregivers’ number one goal is to provide you with effective in home care for seniors, and that goal starts with home care safety.

Creating a safe environment is the first step. Did you know that for seniors, six out of every 10 falls happen at home? However, by taking appropriate precautions, you can dramatically decrease that risk, improve home care safety and your health.

Even with a care provider in the home, your loved one will likely be left alone at times. To mitigate any risk, it is essential to assess your environment and eliminate any issues. The Home & Hearth Caregivers’ in home assessment helps you spot potential hazards. We look for:

  • Slippery and uneven surfaces
  • Obstacles that could cause tripping
  • Poor lighting
  • Unstable furniture

Falls can be prevented in other ways as well. Our homecare workers encourage physical activity to promote strength, mobility and flexibility. Eliminating safety hazards and increasing physical activity results in the safest setting for your love one – the highest priority in the in home care for seniors we provide.

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