Home Modifications that Keep Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease Safe

For those caring for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, every day may be different – some more challenging than others, and always, a puzzle or two to decipher to determine how best to keep your loved one safe, calm, and comfortable.

Although many families feel there’s no alternative but to find a residential facility for their loved one, at Home & Hearth Caregivers, we want to provide encouragement that it is, in fact, possible for seniors with dementia to remain safe in the comfort of home. And not only is it possible, but it’s likely preferred by the senior herself, who struggles enough with the changes and unfamiliarity that are inherent to the disease. Adding a new living arrangement to the mix could exacerbate those feelings of loss and helplessness.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers some great tips for making home safer for those with Alzheimer’s, including:

  • Inspect the home. Perform a thorough assessment of the senior’s home with a focus on detecting areas that could be hazardous for one with dementia – tools, sharp cutlery, medications, cleaning solutions, etc. Home & Hearth Caregivers is experienced in performing home safety assessments, and would be glad to assist.
  • Strategically place locks. To eliminate wandering concerns, install locks throughout the home in positions that are difficult for the person with dementia to see or reach. And ensure that locks are removed from the inside of the person’s bedroom and bathroom, to ensure she doesn’t lock herself in.
  • Prepare for emergencies. Test all emergency equipment, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and keep a list of emergency contact numbers in a highly visual area, such as on the refrigerator.
  • Enhance lighting. Especially for those seniors who experience issues from sundowning and are prone to waking during the evening, make sure there’s sufficient lighting throughout the home – in hallways, stairways, bathroom, bedroom, and other living spaces.

At Home & Hearth Caregivers, we help families throughout Cook, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Will and nearby counties in navigating the Alzheimer’s journey. We’re proud sponsors of the Alzheimer’s Association, and our certified Alzheimer’s caregiving team allows families to rest assured that their senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is in the very best of hands.

We welcome you to reach out to us any time at 800-349-0663 to allow us to answer any questions you may have about our specialized Illinois Alzheimer’s in-home care and how we can help make life easier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling with the help of our professional dementia caregivers. Partner with us and discover the relief in knowing you don’t have to go it alone!


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