How to Make Fitness A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Making time for daily fitness is important when you age, it can help both your mental and physical well-being. It is recommended that seniors over the age of 65 exercise anywhere from 75-150 minutes per week depending on the intensity of the exercises. This would mean that you would only need to do about 10-20 minutes of exercise a day to get your weekly dose. 

Simple Exercises to Complete at Home 

Exercising can be a daunting word especially for those with current health conditions that inhibit them from making time for physical activity. If you or your loved one would like an assisted home fitness routine, take a look at Home & Hearth Caregivers senior home care service in Elmhurst.  Here is a list of some simple exercises that you can perform without any equipment. 

For Balance

If you would like to improve your balance you can do some simple at-home exercises. One exercise to promote balance is practicing standing on one foot. For this exercise, you should stand with your hands on the back of a chair or on your countertop for extra support. All you have to do now is to lift one leg up, hold for 10-15 seconds, then switch. 

For Endurance

Endurance activities raise your heart rate and increase blood flow throughout your body. One great exercise for endurance is going for a brisk walk. You can do this in the comfort of your building, a mall, on a treadmill, or even outdoors. It is best to walk for at least 10 minutes and work up to 30 minutes if you can. If you would like support with endurance training to consider calling senior home care service in Elmhurst.

For Flexibility 

The best exercise for flexibility is stretching. Be sure to stretch daily to improve flexibility. Some simple stretches are lifting your arms above your head, reaching for your toes, or twisting slowly from side to side in a chair to stretch your back. 

If you or your loved one’s physical activity is starting to decline, call our team at Home & Hearth Caregivers at (630) 654-4663 for senior home care services in Elmhurst. 

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