Reversing Roles: What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Personal Care Aide to a Parent

Mom and Dad have been there for you through thick and thin, right up through adulthood. But lately, there’s been a subtle shift in the relationship, as they begin to have more needs themselves due to the effects of aging. You know you need to be there for them; and you’re definitely not alone.

Nationwide studies report that a little over one of every four households (29 percent) is providing personal care aide services for a chronically ill, disabled or aging family member. Since the population of individuals over 65 years is anticipated to increase at a 2.3% rate, the need for family caregivers is also increasing.

Becoming a personal care aide for a parent, satisfying as it truly is, can result in a major upheaval to a household’s daily life. Depending on the senior’s particular needs, you will probably find that a large part of your day will now be devoted to your senior loved one – meaning less time for yourself as well as other household members.

Being prepared in advance can make the transition to providing senior care smoother. These tips, courtesy of Home & Hearth Caregivers’ senior care services in Chicago, IL, can assist:

  • Make sure you have access to any and all crucial documents, kept in a fire-safe location, including burial plot deeds, birth certificate/adoption documents, wedding certificates, insurance policies and copies of the previous three years’ tax statements.
  • Modify your home (or theirs) to make sure it’s as senior-safe as possible. Ideas to consider:
    • Replace standard door knobs with levered knobs
    • Have a minimum of one no-step entry to the house
    • Use non-slip flooring within the foyer
    • Use simple to operate window hardware
    • Install a front loading laundry machine on the first floor of the home
    • Use a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer
    • Install grab bars in the bathroom and tub
    • Install handrails with at minimum a 1¼ inch diameter on any stairways
    • Add more incandescent lighting to the home

To get more help with senior home safety alterations, call on Home & Hearth Caregivers. We can perform a free assessment in the home and provide recommendations to help keep your senior loved one safe and comfortable.

Home & Hearth Caregivers can also make sure family caregivers get the respite care they need to allow relief from the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for senior loved ones. This is crucial for all personal care aides, since high quality caregiving depends on meeting the caregiver’s needs for nurture, reassurance, and support. Call us at 800-349-0663 to learn more about how we can partner with you in providing the best possible care for the seniors in your life.

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