It’s Science: Social Activities for the Elderly Are Important.

It seems intuitive to some people that interacting socially with others enhances wellbeing by maintaining connections to other people’s experiences, beliefs, challenges, humor, opinions, and a variety of other human occurrences. Now, studies are showing that social engagement with other people actually may enhance the wellness of your brain and your body.

These results point directly to the benefits of social activity for the elderly. A study conducted by Rush University Medical Center showed that a person who reported a high level of social engagement was almost twice as likely to remain free of an impairment involving activities of daily living than somebody with a lower level of social activity, and about 1.5 times as likely to remain free of disability involving instrumental activities of daily living or mobility. Extremely social seniors had a 70% lowering in their level of cognitive decline when compared to those with less social interaction.

Yet, staying social isn’t instinctive to everyone, and for a number of people, it gets tougher with age because one’s ability to get around can become diminished. Following are some ways a home care agency such as Home & Hearth Caregivers can help the elderly continue to be social and maintain their wellbeing:

  • Escort seniors to social outings like club meetings, community events such as fairs, holiday parties and parades, plays, concerts, and sports events, religious services and church activities.
  • Share in playing interactive games with clients such as board games, cards and Nintendo Wii.
  • Plan and schedule visits with friends and neighbors.
  • Offer transportation to an adult day facility or a low impact exercise class.
  • Provide companionship during family celebrations or vacations for maximum comfort and security.
  • Help older adults navigate social media sites so they can connect with family and friends even if they are homebound.

In the recent Social Activity and Wellbeing of Older Australians Study, testing more than 6,000 older adults over more than five years, seniors having frequent social activity had a slower rate of decline in intellectual and memory capabilities. Effective mental ability was maintained best in those people who were the most socially active.

Having a qualified agency provide in-home care to encourage social activity for the elderly and aid in helping seniors stay connected might be one of the most significant means to help him/her continue to thrive and feel alive. At Home & Hearth, our caregivers are all committed to supporting the independence, dignity, and social connectedness of every person we serve. To learn more about our Chicago companionship services for seniors, contact us today.


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