How Seniors Can Exercise at Home with Help from In-Home Caregivers

A body that’s at rest stays at rest. If exercise has not been a consistent part of a person’s everyday routine, there are years of ingrained habits that need to be overcome before attempting to make activity a part of that individual’s daily life. Ensuring that regular, ongoing activity is a part of an older person’s routine will make it easier for him or her to remember to exercise; and with the help of a professional caregiver, like those at Home & Hearth Caregivers, a senior can reap plenty of benefits from getting exercise at home. Be sure to include easy to perform exercises in the daily routine to meet goals, while keeping these suggestions in mind:

  • For someone who is frail, just getting up and down out of a chair without assistance utilizes muscles that will obtain benefit from movement.
  • Start by determining individual goals, concerns, and any roadblocks standing in the way of exercise.

After seeking out the advice and recommendations of the older person’s doctor, even frail seniors should be able to begin a daily exercise program to help them improve strength and endurance and enhance their overall quality of life. The ideas below to implement an exercise routine into a senior’s daily life can help:

  • Exercise in short, 10-minute sessions.
  • Set a schedule. It’s critical to set aside certain times each day for exercise, making it an integral, routine part of the person’s daily schedule.
  • Be sure the senior wears comfortable clothes that won’t inhibit movement.
  • The senior may also want to wear leg warmers or over-the-knee socks to help reduce soreness in lower leg muscles.
  • If any type of movement causes pain, stop immediately.

Routine exercise is a crucial part of daily life for everyone regardless of age, and Home & Hearth Caregivers of La Grange, IL can help your senior loved one improve his or her level of activity and obtain a whole new lease on life with safe, regular, monitored exercises. By offering encouragement, and even participating in exercising with the older adult, our personal care aides will ensure that these activities become something your senior loved one looks forward to and enjoys each day. Contact us at 800-349-0663 for more information and to get started on improving wellness for your senior loved one!

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