Significant Benefits of Companionship for Seniors

When you think about what a healthy lifestyle means, a good diet and exercise program is likely what comes to mind. Therefore, it may surprise you that social interaction is every bit as important to a person’s well-being. This is especially problematic for seniors since approximately 30% of them are socially isolated.

Events like children moving away, the loss of a spouse, and retirement often limit the amount of human interaction and social activity senior adults enjoy – and it only gets worse if they are no longer able to drive. This is when a home care provider can make a great deal of difference. In addition to providing help with daily activities, a personal care assistant brings much-needed interaction.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the significant benefits that home elder care in Orland Park and the resulting companionship provides to seniors.

Socialization Improves Longevity

Socialization Improves Longevity

It’s not simply conjecture; several studies have shown that both social isolation and loneliness contribute to a higher risk of mortality in those 52 and older. Though there is no definitive cause, experts who examined study data believe that one reason could be that symptoms of both chronic and acute illness are ignored and medical attention is often delayed. Since there is no one around to make certain the senior reaches out to their doctor, the senior’s health declines.

Senior adults who experience social interaction enjoy a better quality of life – and this has a direct effect on how long they live. A home caregiver can provide a social connection, as well as keep an eye on the senior’s overall health – helping to make sure they connect with their health care providers when needed.

Companionship Reduces Depression

Companionship Reduces Depression

Loneliness is a major contributing factor to depression, and depression is very difficult to cure – especially in senior adults. There is a growing body of evidence that shows depression has an extremely detrimental effect on both the mind and body. Depression causes physical ailments to worsen, as well as a loss of motivation to carry on everyday activities like cooking, eating, and taking care of oneself.

Having a home care provider who comes daily, or even every couple of days, gives a senior something to look forward to. When loneliness is no longer a problem, symptoms of depression often lessen and life becomes more enjoyable again.

Elder Care Services in Orland Park can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Loneliness doesn’t just affect the mind; it also has an impact on physical health (just as depression does). Seniors who suffer from isolation and loneliness are more likely to suffer a stroke or develop heart disease, likely due to stress that in turn causes their blood pressure to rise. Companionship provided by elder care services in Orland Park helps prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness – and the health risks that arise from them.

Social Interaction Makes for a Sharper Mind

Social Interaction & Sharper Mind

Multiple studies show that improved cognitive function is directly related to social interaction in senior adults. Even something as short and seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone conversation provides a memory boost similar to daily games and puzzles. When a senior receives regularly scheduled visits from a caregiver, it stimulates the senses and brain activity through socialization.

A home care provider can do puzzles, play games, or work on crafts with a senior, providing cognitive stimulation that helps fight dementia and loss of brain function. The more social interaction – the better the results.

A Home Care Companion can Help Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthier Lifestyle

Living alone, many seniors fall into unhealthy habits like not eating enough, eating too many unhealthy foods, moving around less than usual, and not keeping to a good schedule – which can disrupt sleep and worsen dementia.

When a home care provider visits regularly, he or she can encourage a senior to eat healthier and can assist them with healthy activities like taking short walks. When it comes to grocery shopping, caregivers can help seniors make better choices at the grocery store and can assist with medication reminders and transportation to doctor appointments.

Home Care Assistance in Orland Park can Give the Regular Caregiver a Break

Refreshed & Less Frustrated Caregiver

Becoming a full-time caregiver to a senior, whether they are a family member or a friend, can be overwhelming. Dealing with a senior who has physical or mental impairments can make it difficult – if not impossible – for the caregiver to get away and enjoy everyday activities they once took for granted. Scheduling home care assistance in Orland Park can make a big difference in the life of the caregiver as well as in the life of the senior.

Because they can step away and spend time doing something they enjoy without worrying about who is looking after their loved one, the primary caregiver gets a chance to relax and return to their duties refreshed and less frustrated with the situation. That is good for everyone.

Knowing Someone is There Provides Peace of Mind

Provides Peace of Mind

Seniors who live alone, or live with family members who are not home for much of the day, worry about what might happen if an emergency arises. Because they are not as strong or mobile as they once were, they often feel anxious. Knowing that someone will be checking on them provides peace of mind to both them and their family members who are unable to be there themselves.

Scheduled visits also allow seniors to remain in their own homes – something most older adults prefer to do. Having a companion provides the social interaction and daily support needed to do this.

Home and Hearth Caregivers

Home and Hearth Caregivers

Everyone needs social interaction and companionship. Seniors are no exception. At Home and Hearth Caregivers, we offer an array of services suited to the various needs of our clients. We want you and your family to stay happy and healthy throughout the golden years – and we are here to help.

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