Signs You Need At-Home Elder Care Near Chicago

It is a big step for a loved one to admit that they can no longer go through life without assistance. However, many seniors would rather continue living in the comfort of their own home instead of transitioning into a nursing home. At Home & Hearth Caregivers, we specialize in at-home elder care near Chicago to ensure your loved one can continue living a healthy, happy life. From in-home care to dementia care to senior transportation, we tailor our services to fit your needs. Here are some signs that our services may be necessary.

A Change in Mental and/or Physical State

It’s natural for memory to worsen with age, but there comes a certain point that more help is needed. Losing track of time, excessive amounts of sleeping, missing appointments, and/or a general state of confusion are red flags that at-home elder care near Chicago may be necessary. Physical signs include difficulties with walking or mobility, difficulty getting up from sitting down, or unexplained bruises or injuries.

A Lack of Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is something that begins to shift in priority with age. If you notice that your loved one doesn’t bathe often, or that there is a general lack of commitment to personal hygiene, it is a good idea to hire one of our professionals to help.

Household Responsibilities are Too Much Work

For seniors, taking care of both themselves as well as their home can be challenging. Dirty laundry and dishes may start to pile up, and healthy food in the fridge may either be nonexistent or going bad.

Watching your loved one get older can be challenging, especially if their quality of life is diminishing. Contact Home & Hearth Caregivers if a loved one needs at-home elder care near Chicago.

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