Senior Assistance for Transportation and Errands

As people age, health issues can make it more difficult to get around – and even the most highly-skilled driver may eventually benefit from transportation assistance due to failing eyesight or other health issues. Older adults who regularly rely on public transportation may also find it more difficult to navigate sidewalks and train platforms, especially during the winter months.

Senior Assistance For Transportation & Errands

Shopping, Errands, and Doctor Visits

There are plenty of reasons to reach out for senior assistance near Orland Park – not the least of which is arranging transportation options for shopping, running errands, and getting to and from doctor appointments.

Many senior citizens enjoy cooking and selecting their own groceries rather than relying on delivery services, as well as shopping for clothes and gifts for friends and family. The safest and most reliable way to ensure traveling to and from the grocery store or shopping mall is to arrange for transportation services with our dedicated team at Home & Hearth Caregivers.

Senior Assistance Near Orland Park

We take pride in providing friendly, caring, professional drivers who make every passenger feel comfortable, providing peace of mind no matter where they are headed. Whether you (or your loved one) needs a ride to a weekly card game or a cardiologist appointment, you can trust that we will get you there safely, and on time.

Staying Connected

There is a great deal more to providing transportation than simply running errands. It can be difficult for seniors to find themselves stuck at home, distanced from friends and family, simply because they are no longer able to drive. This isolation can lead to depression and cognitive deterioration – not to mention a loss of interest in self care. Understandably, if you had nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to, you probably would not bother getting out of your pyjamas.

This is why access to transportation is so very important to seniors – especially those who live alone. While there are rideshare services available, our senior transportation services are designed with the unique needs of seniors in mind. Specializing in elder care, our drivers are prepared to offer a helping hand whenever necessary.

Senior Transportation Services

By reaching out to us for senior home care services in Orland Park, you can relax knowing that your loved one can stay connected to friends and family. They will not become isolated as they continue enjoying the same activities they always have, and they will never miss another doctor appointment because you couldn’t get the time off work.

Reliable Senior Home Assistance in Orland Park

Whether you are looking for someone to drive your mom to her weekly hair appointment, or your dad needs transportation to his medical appointments every other month, Home & Hearth Caregivers is here to help. For all types of day to day assistance services, we invite you to reach out to us today!

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