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Kidney Disease: What You Need to Know to Adapt & Thrive

The LaGrange, IL home care experts at Home & Hearth Caregivers want to help you understand the signs your kidneys might be sending. Loss of appetite. Hiccups. Itching. Difficulty sleeping. These are just a handful of the many seemingly innocuous indicators that could perhaps mean kidney disease. And with upwards of 20 million people in the U.S. fighting the disease,…

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Try These Simple Ways to Promote Independence in Seniors

In a previous blog post, we stressed the importance of overcoming the impulse to do everything for an older loved one, and as much as possible, promoting independence in seniors. While this is certainly easier said than done, there are some steps you can take towards reaching this goal. The experts at Chicago’s top-rated personal care agency, Home & Hearth…

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Maintaining Independence with a Little Help from Technology

In the days when our parents were young, phones were still attached to walls, mail was delivered by postmen, and if adult children lived far away from their parents, checking in on them was comprised of asking someone nearby to stop in for a visit. If someone was housebound because of illness or infirmity, isolation could quickly set in. Social…

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Taking a Step Back Can Help Foster a Sense of Senior Independence

As you go through the different periods of your life, your stages of independence can take on different meanings. They can be significant stages, such as leaving your parents’ home or getting married, or smaller stages, such as completing tasks you didn’t think you could manage. Then as you age, independence takes on still another form – being able to…

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Holiday Ideas for Seniors: How to Plan the Perfect Outing

The holiday season is all about enjoying time with family—from the youngest baby to the oldest great-grandfather, and everyone in between! And this season, whether you’re getting together for dinner, a party, or any other group outing, it’s important to be prepared. Consider these holiday ideas for seniors from Chicago’s top-rated in home care provider, Home & Hearth Caregivers, to…

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