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How Meal Prep Can Help Your Loved One

As we age, even the simplest of tasks such as cooking or cleaning can become difficult. At Home & Hearth Caregivers, we provide senior assisted living in Naperville to those who need it most, and we can help with these types of services. Meal preparation is a great way to help your loved one feel prepared for the upcoming days.…

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At What Point Should Seniors Stop Driving?

Getting from point A to point B is much easier when you have a car to do so. However, as we age, it is not always feasible or safe for us to be operating a vehicle. As providers of in-home care in Chicago, we are aware of some signs that it is time for your loved one to stop driving…

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Tips for Keeping an Aging Mind Sharp

There’s no denying that as we age, our minds don’t stay as sharp as they once were. As providers of senior home care in Naperville, we are accustomed to doing everything we can to help the elderly exercise and nourish their brains. While we can’t avoid this process altogether, there are techniques that we can employ to slow the process…

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About Our Home Care Assistance in Chicago

At Home and Hearth Caregivers, we offer home care assistance in Chicago designed to meet the needs of all Chicagoland families. We understand that it can be difficult for seniors to give up the security of their own home, which is why we also offer in-home care services to bring comfort and quality care to those who need it most.…

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Benefits of Senior Home Assistance in Orland Park

Senior home assistance in Orland Park may be met with some resistance from your loved one. It is sometimes difficult for them to accept the fact that they can no longer live life on their own the way they have for so many years. The reality is, there are many advantages to opting for senior home assistance. Consider explaining these…

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Reducing Your Risk of Dementia

As providers of in-home care in Naperville, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects dementia can have on both the elderly as well as their families. Researchers are still looking into how the disease develops, but there is substantial evidence that a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in reducing the risk of developing dementia. Healthy lifestyles can also help prevent strokes…

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Three Reasons Elders Resist Senior Assisted Living in Chicago

Many elders have developed a certain way of living that they’re used to, and they often do not realize that they need extra help until someone else brings it to their attention. However, keep in mind that there is a chance that your loved one may resist assisted living. Here are three common reasons that elders resist assisted living. Denial…

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Signs of Quality Senior Assisted Living in Naperville

You know your loved one better than anyone, so it may be difficult to face the reality that they are in need of some extra help. When looking for senior assisted living in Naperville, you’ll find that there are many different options in terms of care. So, what makes Home & Hearth Caregivers stand out? In-Home Care The thought of…

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