Improving Medication Management for Seniors Vastly Improves Health Outcomes

There are an astounding 10,000+ prescription medicines available in America, and as many as one-third of all adults take five or more of these medications each day. If you happen to be a caregiver for a senior friend or family member, the difficulty of managing the prescriptions, interactions and dosage amounts can be intimidating. As a matter of fact, studies show that 55% of prescription meds are not taken the proper way for a range of reasons, and the repercussions can be serious.

Reduce the risk for medication management mistakes and receive the highest benefits of the prescription by following these guidelines to help manage medications effectively.

Be in the Know Right from the Get-Go. Don’t be afraid of asking the health care provider and/or pharmacist questions about the drug. Make sure you know these particulars:

  • The name of the prescription
  • What the prescription is prescribed for
  • How, when and for how long to take the drug
  • Correct dosage
  • Conceivable side effects and drug interactions

In addition, be certain to have your older loved one’s doctor periodically conduct a medication review to ascertain which medicines are still recommended and which ones could be eliminated.

Keep a Master List of Medications. Having a full list of all prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements that the senior takes can be a huge help at the physician’s office. This record should contain all of the data from the list above, as well as:

  • The shape and color of the drug (and even a visual of the drug if possible)
  • The prescribing doctor’s name and contact information
  • Date the medicine was started, and whether or not it should be refilled and taken ongoing
  • Date the listing was last updated

The Chicago home care professionals at Home & Hearth Caregivers can help seniors manage prescriptions, set up medication reminders, and communicate with doctors and pharmacists to ensure medications are being taken properly. Contact Home & Hearth Caregivers today at 708-352-4663 to learn more about proper medication management.

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