Local Community Events In Chicago That Will Add Some Fun To Your Summer!

Many seniors may have accepted that they can’t get out as much as they used to, especially if they have trouble walking or have to use a wheelchair. Everyone, though, benefits from an occasional break with routine. If your senior loved one needs special transportation assistance, arrangements can seem well worth the effort when you see the joy in your loved one’s face…

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Memory Care Exercises For Seniors

Physical And Mental Exercises! Staying active is an integral part of the aging process. Countless studies have demonstrated that engaging in low-impact activities can significantly boost energy, manage pain symptoms, and help seniors maintain their independence. But staying fit shouldn’t stop after your 30-minute yoga session. Research increasingly demonstrates that adults who engage in “brain games” and memory care exercises…

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Free Services For Seniors

As seniors age, it’s important that they stay as engaged and mentally active as possible. There are alternatives other than being shuttled to bingo games or sitting parked in front of random television shows. Most seniors prefer to be helpful, or to have someone with whom to reminisce, or to be able to access entertainment that is personally meaningful. The greater Chicago area is fortunate to…

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Attitude Is Everything – Can Home Health Care Improve Your Outlook?

If you are providing part-time or full-time care to a loved one who is aging, there are many issues to face on a daily basis that may feel negative. You are concerned with time, money, logistics, and physical requirements. Your elderly parent or spouse may be additionally concerned about loss of self-sufficiency, inability to enjoy old activities, and isolation from…

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Senior Scams – How to Ensure Your Relative Doesn’t Get Tricked

There are a wide range of businesses and people who target the elderly. Some are criminals seeking to trick seniors out of banking numbers or identity information. Others are sales people offering legitimate products and services, but who are insensitive as to whether or not their products are appropriate or helpful to the person they are calling. These are people…

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care – The First Steps After Diagnosis

When the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s or dementia, there are a number of steps you can take to relieve the stress and concern you and your loved one may be feeling. Understanding Alzheimer’s & dementia care options will help you cope with the challenges. How quickly various symptoms develop depends on the cause of the dementia, how much it has progressed…

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What Does a Professional Caregiver Do?

First and foremost, a professional caregiver strives to enhance the quality of life for seniors to the best of their ability.  They provide companionship, assistance, and overall, compassion to those who are in need of support in their old age.

Professional caregivers are not nursing or medical experts but rather helpers, friends, and assistants. 

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